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When God made good, evil was born from the devil and so were his powers. In ancient times, witchcraft was related to the witches. The classic interpretation of witches was given as an ugly woman with long and unkempt hair, who wears black clothes with a pointed hat and flies on a long broomstick.

Witches are said to have supernatural power and the rituals they perform is called witchcraft. Nowadays there are no witches left but there are still people who practice witchcraft just to do badly of others. Witchcraft is an unseen force which can only be strongly felt. There can be many symptoms if a person is under the spell of witchcraft. Seeing shadows and having a constant feeling of someone watching are the two major symptoms. Any person who is under the spell of witchcraft will deteriorate his health and will lose appetite.

Forms of Witchcraft Removal by Pandit Shivaraj Ji

There are many forms of witchcraft. Some are less harmful and some are very harmful and can even cost your life. In India, you must have seen people hanging lemon and green chilly above their doors; they do this to ward off evil. In the west, witchcraft is practiced in a different manner. Some practices include cannibalism, summoning, dolls, bones, and skeletons.

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